Welcome to GOSH webstore www.goshshoes-fashion.com ! We always provide the latest updated arrivals for Shoes and Bags. Shop with us is very simple, you just need to click on the navigation bars on the left side of the page and choose the category you wanted to see.

Follow this simple steps below and happy shopping Gosholic!!

1. Browse, choose and select product

Click “shop online” on the top section of the website. Then you can browse our products by categories displayed on the left of the page. You can see our latest collection of bags and shoes selection listed there. For our sale collection, you can just simple click “SALE”.

2. Capture!

Once you’ve found the products that you want to purchase, simply click “DETAIL” and SCREENSHOT the product that shows the Article Name.

3. Contact our Customer Service

Once you have a full range of products you want to get, you can contact our Customer Service by Whatsapp +628113325566 or Line @goshshoes_fashion . Alternatively, you can just simply click “CONTACT US” option, once you see the detail of a product, and it will directly connect you to WhatApp or Line.

4. Fill in your details

Send us an Order Form by this Format:

NAMA :    
ALAMAT :                                                       
NO HP :    
Order : ART xxx , Warna xxx, Size xx    

5. Confirm Order and Payment

Our Customer Service will send you the invoice and method of payment via Bank Transfer.

6. Send us a copy of Bank Transfer

Confirm your payment within 24hrs by sending a copy of your Bank Transfer, in order for us to process your order!! Remember, the faster you send us your confirmation, the faster you get your products!

7. And voila! Just wait and relax and your order will be delivered to your door in no time! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @goshshoes_Indonesia and share how you like to wear your favourite products by tagging us and using #gosholic !