Gosh is a fashion footwear brand, which segmentation is trendy teens whom always up to date about style and fashion. The word "Gosh" itself is taken from young people’s commonly used slang, which means "Wow!" Or "Fun". As a licensed brand from Italy, Gosh opened it first retail store in Indonesia in 1998.


Gosh store concepts are always modern and fun with a positive, cosmopolitan atmosphere. These concepts are constantly evolving to ensure a fresh, surprising and enjoyable experience for our customer. With the concept of "See the future of fashion", Gosh always put out 10 to 15 new models every month.


Dedicated to teenagers, Gosh shoes characteristic is funky, with thick soles and unique colors, like yellow, red, green orange, blue, pink. The materials is varied, ranging from leather, textile, synthetic PU, denim, canvas, lycra, etc.. Nowdays, many Gosh products inspired by Harajuku Japan or K-pop which reflected young people more.